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Agile Design Process.

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

There’s a number of options for the design process for your app.

Traditionally, an extensive and detailed written brief is authored, specifying each and every function, for the committee of stakeholders to sign off on. These written details is most likely open to interpretation, and any adjustment requires a change request.

Claris FileMaker is the perfect platform for applying an agile method of designing and developing. This is also known as one of the Rapid Application Development (RAD) methods.

One of the concepts is the ability to start the app with a blank page, and add features, iteratively. This process allows the developer to design and create a new function, then go back and craft the existing functions, and include any user feedback, without the needs to start again.

Development and design should be seen to go hand in hand for apps.

The creation of writing good code, should be seen as a design process. Design your code for the next developer, who may just be you, re-visiting your app in six months time.

For this particular app, the primary concept was to provide a demo app for download, as an example of Card Editing.

The secondary concept is to provide a demo app that assumes the user is here to learn from the beginning, with instructions on why certain functions were applied to this solution.

Before even creating one line of code, there’s the need to design the startup process, onboarding, create a user table, and define the look and feel of buttons and other elements on the layout. This includes the best use of layouts and/or sliders, based on the user experience.

And we need to build up the assumed user story, or persona.

Before anyone shouts ‘Feature Creep’, this is the whole purpose of applying an agile development method, rather than documenting the entire app, before writing the first line of code.

Of course we need to define success before we begin. This can be a single paragraph, which can include qualitative, rather than pure quantitive statements.

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