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Developer Joins Consultancy Hive

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

With great pride and excitement, I can announce that my 'seeking' has concluded by joining the extremely talented Consultancy Team at Beezwax Datatools, Inc.

Since 1996, serving 500+ clients over 2,500+ projects, the Team here at Beezwax are experts in Claris FileMaker & Connect, Web Technologies, Mobile and Tableau.

It's important for me to share this exciting outcome with my Community, especially in these unprecedented times, and it is just as important to share my seeking journey.

Like others with my 'requirement' - I searched Seek & Linked-In with 'FileMaker' and did not find many opportunities for Developers. Plenty of data entry roles where FileMaker is the Platform. Signing up for email notifications was frankly a waste of time.

Next I googled for FileMaker Developer positions - which returned a number of jobs advertised around the various FileMaker Consultancy websites. It's interesting to note that, although not specified in the text, a number of advertisements are permanently 'open'.

This does highlight the short fall in Developers to fill the positions at these Consultancies. It's well known that with basic FileMaker knowledge and some real world business experience, one can set up their own one-person Consultancy.

Don't take offence to the 'one way street' of some of these Job Application processes. I emailed or applied online to a number of these Consultancy job offers, without response or acknowledgement, for my time spent crafting the requested and required cover letter.

That's enough of the negative side of this process. Let's focus on the positive. The take away here is to not give up, if you find yourself becoming discouraged, think of each knock-back and non-response as one step closer to the goal of joining a team.

Sit back for a moment, and think about yourself as a product. What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) - for the Marketing and Branding of 'you'.

The FileMaker Developer Job Description at Beezwax highlights my thinking. What is your 'plus' - what can you bring 'with' your Development Skills and Experience.

Go Blog about this. Be authentic. Be yourself. Be honest. Tell the story of where you are and what you can do - and possibly more importantly - where you want to go, and what is your passion.

In my case, I started blogging when the pandemic had just thrown us into the first of many lockdowns, so I set about updating my consultancy website with new company name and logo - including writing up various posts about 'how' and 'why' I tackle the role of Developer and/or Designer.

The best technical or technique blog posts answer a question or problem that can't be found within the offical documentation, on the forums, or even via a google search. Often I refer back to one of my own blog posts, particularly if I'm trying to recall exactly how to formulate an 'Insert From URL' cURL calculation, and that sort of thing.

And I'm not pretending blogging will get you that position - you may not be seeking a new job right now - although isn't it better to have your Profile out there 'before' you need it ?

Finally, it doesn't hurt to be out and about in the FileMaker Community - even if it means getting up at 3am for a Zoom User Group Meeting, like it does for those of us Down-Under - you'll never know what opportunities you can create for yourself . . .

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