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Why Claris FileMaker?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

As Certified Claris FileMaker Developers, we get asked this a lot, and it’s a great place to start the conversation.

Right now all the talk is all about ‘Digital Transformation’.

Put simply, digital transformation about using software to solve business problems, to allow people to get on with what they do best.

Gone are the days of a single mammoth system providing all the needs to all users. Today’s solutions are smaller, single purpose focused, and share data with various other systems.

So, how does FileMaker fit into all this?

A key component in the Claris toolkit is FileMaker’s ability to talk the technical languages of many other system, generally playing nice with others.

Many of our solutions share data between various other solutions, a true neutral citizen in this digital community.

As an example, Mary in Payroll needs the details for the newest staff member from the HR system, no problem. Bob in Operations needs these same details, including the Payroll data, again no problem.

As part of the FileMaker Developer Toolkit, we have the option to reach out to existing systems, regardless of the Application Programming Interface (API) and return the data needed.

No more waiting for an email response with the right information attached, or working out where the right spreadsheet exists, on the multiple shared drives, all with their own complex folder structure.

Without too much technical ‘showing off’, we speak XML, JSON, PHP, even old school CSV if required. 

And this communication flows both ways. There will be a need to share your data from your new FileMaker solution, no problem. 

Again, built right into FileMaker Server Toolkit is a rich Data API for sharing out data to other systems and solutions, which can include all your staff‘s devices. The possibilities are endless.

And all this open communication is via Industry Standard Authentication, so you can feel safe that only those you should be seeing your data, can.

Now is the time to contact us, let’s chat about how we can take this amazing Digital Transformation tool called Claris FileMaker, and run you through some real life demos of our solutions.

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