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Updated: May 30, 2021

To misquote Aristotle ~ 'The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.'

Developing and Crafting Claris FileMaker solutions has transitioned from the realm of the 'one developer shop' to the formation of professional development teams, who's collective skills are finely enhanced by shared individual's specialities.

I find myself seeking to join a Consultancy Team, once again.

This is not to say, I have not been part of a Team recently. I've been contracting to an IT Team of in-house Developers (of other various platforms) working on a multiple large projects for the last few years . We have now delivered a comprehensive and mature Ecosystem, where the FileMaker Solution is now the 'holder of truth' for the 1000+ Personnel, 1000+ Plant, and over 30,000 Audits. This data is also published to (and from) various other systems, via the rock solid FileMaker Server Data API.

You can read more about this project here: Ecosystem Auditing and iPad Solution.

More to say, that it's time for me to be back part of a Claris FileMaker focused Development Consultancy. Back to providing our clients (and our team) with my best practices for development and productivity, along with UX and UI skills, crafted from over 30 years of working in Graphic Design and Software Design industries.

Yes, I'm based in Melbourne, Australia - this can be seen as a double-edged sword.

Sure, if your business operates within a different time zone we may need to plan meetings a little more ahead of time - otherwise this as an opportunity to extend your business to a new part of the globe.

Of course, with the accelerated Digital Transformation and Working From Home (WFH) movement we are experiencing, remote teams across multiple time zones are becoming the norm. Gone are the days of Developers needing to be sitting side-by-side in the Office.

As Leaders in the Digital Transformation, it's our task to craft solutions for our clients that modernise and empower their staff. This is the Manifesto of the App Developer.

Check out my blog, samples of my work, and if you believe I'm exactly what your Team needs, feel free to email me and we can start the conversation . . .

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And it's not always about the apps - I choose to spend my free time cycling as fast as I can !

Pedalling as fast as my legs and lungs will carry me . . .

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