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Ecosystem and iPad Auditing Solution

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Please ensure you click on the screens below, to see the full set of screens . . .

This Personnel, Location and Vehicle Compliance solution has been in production for over eight years now, and continues to be the source of truth for over 1,000 personnel, over 150 subcontractor companies and over 1,000 plant for an organisation that has created almost 30,000 audits in the office, and out in the field.

Employee data is received from the Accounting and HR platform, combined with multiple exports from Active Directory, along with Role, Skill and Subcontractor data entered by Training Administrators. Plant and Vehicle data is imported via an external data feed.

The Dashboard is driven by a data warehouse created from multiple tables of data, to provide instant filtering and reporting for Management. A similar data warehouse process of creating stored data for all data tables, which reduced complex reporting functions from 12 minutes to 12 seconds.

The iPad Auditing solution syncs all data down to the iPad, allowing the Safety Managers to Audit offline, and then when back on the network, sync Audits back to the main system.

Auditors are required to select the correct Auditee from over 1,000 active personnel, 1,000 plant, 50 locations and 50 Subcontractors.


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