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CadenceUX is your App Designer for bespoke productivity solutions.
Through in-depth research of workflow and user requirements, we craft creative apps via best practices and agile development.

Success for us is when our clients fall in love with our work. 

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For almost a decade, Darrin has been building various solutions for our Digital Production Services. Projects include Asset Management, PDF Artwork Approval Tracker, and our main system for receiving Real Estate Agent Booking XML, where Client Details and Order Details are validated, then output for Pagination and Index Creation. Darrin's extensive experience in Design, Publishing and Artwork was a key asset to the success of our extensive Publishing Systems.


Darrin has spent the last ten years developing our Desktop training and iPad Auditing apps. These systems are extensively used in our business and is one of our key support systems. Darrin has excellent design skills and has assisted in giving a better user experience. Support is also excellent. We continue to have a great working relationship.


Darrin has been working with AWS as far back as 2007.
Our FileMaker system is an extremely comprehensive solution designed specifically for my travel wholesaling business. Darrin designs and implements any changes I request. We have just added Business Logic to our Itinerary Creation, to achieve 50% productivity increase.
Darrin has excellent understanding of business concepts. He is extremely good at identifying simple structures to solve complex issues.
I would definitely recommend Cadence UX to other people/businesses.

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Long Term Commitment

Whenever we take on a new partnership, we don’t stop till we understand your company’s character and vision through and through. We call on many years of experience - and thinking differently - to design and develop Apps that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. This process begins with discovery of your needs, not just your wants . . .

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Full 360° UX

We call our FileMaker Pro, Go and Server Solutions 'Apps', rather than databases or even systems, for a reason. It’s crucial to combine the right graphics, colours with your business' unique workflow. We’re highly committed to visual quality as well as usability and productivity, along with automating repetitive processes to allow your staff to get on with their real jobs . . .

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Tricks of the Trade

You may have heard Claris use the term 'Citizen Developer' in much of their FileMaker marketing. If extending your skills and knowledge in any of the areas of services we provide sounds like you, then we're here to take you to the next level. From the features and functions of FileMaker, design and development patterns, even technical aspects, we're here to share . . .



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